Monday, June 3, 2013

Delphi's Jobless Economy

What could get new developers to Delphi? 
There was an interesting question on the Emb. forums. Getting new Delphi Developers and Nick told what did not work.

Your reviewer asked around and what seems to be the issue, is good paying long-jobs that scale beyond Euros 5,000 per month to Euros 50,000 per month executive management. Jobs where junior developers could learn the trade. Jobs where senior developers could lead and manage a large team of Delphi developers...

Solutions, not endless paywalls. 
Asking around several employers why they no longer use Delphi, it is about fitness of Delphi for solutions that generate income and help pay for staff and new equipment.

Delphi would lose out on useless Win32 envrionment. All profits gained are wiped out by parasitic vendors who demand annual loans on their Win32 or Win64 apps.

To make things worse, there is no viable solution for Web...

  • The only Delphi site that makes US$65 million a year is Embarcadero's Joomla website
  • The distant second, is AToZed's US$300,000 decrepit site, mostly made in ASP.NET (despite what the vendor claims).
  • The forth is FastReports US$150,000 site, mostly made in ASP.NET

Do you notice that all of them are self-serving or cater to Developers. The developers themselves have to buy so many things before they eke a profit.

In contrast, QT or MFC or C# or PHP, the startup costs are so low that they can price their products lowly. There are thousands of Jooma, Wordpress themes, but almost none for IntraWeb. There are tens of thousands of ASP.NET, PHP and Java websites.

Which company offers Delphi jobs which pays Euros 5,000 to senior Delphi developers and which even pays Euros 25,000 onwards to Executive Managers?

What is driving Delphi developers out of business, new developers away, is the sheer amount of fees, upgrade fees, and useless solutions that Delphi offers.


Tubby said...

The sunset is not a special kind of dawn.

Алек said...

Startup cost is nothing, if project succeeds.
No web solution? Let go! Web solutions are too different from apps'.
I don't want embarcadero to spent any money on web, PRISM, or anything except Windows and Adroid.

To make less, but better - this is my wish.